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Jet Setting To The East Coast (& Beyond)

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m on my way to see lovers on the East Coast so hello from way up in the sky! 💋

I’m blessed that I have this opportunity to travel and see those that I don’t get to as often since we’ve been in a pandemic. I’ll be meeting some lovers for the very first time & spending quality time with long term ones as well. I arrive in New York City in just a little bit and have a very special date for Valeinte’s Day. I can’t wait to share more details about all the romance we indulged in afterwards.

Leading up to this trip has been a whirlwind of preparation, packing, check lists, etc. My kitties watched with intrigue as I zipped across the house and managed to pack what feels to be tons of lingerie into a small suit case. I never want to over pack when visiting the city, I hate feeling like a tourist lugging around a big suitcase. Each time I travel, I get a little bit better at prioritizing the necessities—my staple lingerie pieces, my classic black leather Louboutins, toys and goodies to share with my lovers, my planner, my headphones, and my favorite perfume.

Once I wrap up all the fun & romance in the big apple, Joey & I will be traveling together to Philadelphia to spend time together and with our lovers. I always love visiting Philly, there are some very special people there who I enjoy spending time with. I always feel so pampered and grateful when I leave Philly. If you’re reading this, I can’t wait to see you.

Traveling has changed drastically since the pandemic, it can be very stressful to get on a plane and go somewhere. I take every safety precaution along with being tested prior to and following my trips. There are definitely more hoops to jump through but it’s worth it to see those I enjoy spending time with.

I’m also very excited because upon my return from tour, I have my very first FMTY date. A special someone is flying me to Denver where we’re going to have a night a bliss—at the spa, eating dinner, & spending lots of quality time together. I can’t wait to meet this wonderful gentleman, I have no doubt I’ll be swept off my feet! 😌

Once I’m back in Chicago, I’ll be taking a few days to catch up with my established lovers and reconnect with myself before announcing some more fun & exciting endeavors! Until then, I’ll be sharing details of all the romantic dates & gestures of the rest of February. I’m feeling like the luckiest girl. 🥰

bisous bisous,


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