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Home Sweet Chicago

I’m happy to be back home in my favorite city, Chicago. I somehow came back to the weather much warmer than when I had left it and the sun has been generously shining. I spent the last couple days upon my return from my east coast tour and first FMTY resting and reconnecting with hometown lovers. It’s been good to recharge and plan what’s next.

Tomorrow, I’ll be receiving the first dose of the vaccine. I’m feeling so grateful that once the second dose is administered and effective, I can see more lovers and update some of my protocols for the remainder of the pandemic. I won’t feel as nervous to travel either so I’m sure I’ll be planning a lot more upcoming tours and accepting more FMTY dates.

March is right around the corner, I’ll be sending out my monthly newsletter next week and doing some planning for the next couple months. I have a trip planned to San Francisco at the end of March as well! I’ve received such positive responses after only a few days of advertising my visit so I have no doubt I’ll visit more than once. I haven’t been to San Francisco in a very long time so I hope to have dates that explore the city and enjoy what the locals do. Maybe someone will even whisk me away for wine tasting in Napa! 😊

I hope that you are all staying safe and staying warm if you’re somewhere cold. I hope that as the next month comes and goes we’re able to spend time together and escape into our little world of bliss. 🤍

bisous bisous,


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