• Isabella Bardot

Back in the Swing of Things

Every day presents itself to me with new possibilities. Routines have always been harder for me than others, I get so overwhelmed with life’s possibilities I hardly have time to dwell on the mundane tasks of my day. But I notice here and there I’ve started to make little rituals. When I make my coffee in the morning and sit by the window to journal. When I play Debussy and water my plants. When I draw a bath at the end of a long day and read a book. These little moments paint the beautiful little world I live in.

We’ve all spent more time in our homes this past year than any of us would have wanted. Just a little over a year later and I’ve finally found solace in these small moments throughout the day in my safe haven. Anniversaries can carry many different candles. I know this one isn’t easy for any of us. I hope you’re taking some extra care each day to slow down and enjoy the little things. I hope we can share a smile and a laugh soon.

bisous bisous,


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